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Our Mission

The principal purpose for which this non-profit corporation is organized is to engage in promoting better awareness, appreciation, and conservation of the natural environment on the refuges of the Southeast Louisiana Refuges Complex: to promote programs and services that will enhance the quality of the refuges under the jurisdiction of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, Southeast Louisiana Refuges; and, to work with other agencies and organizations to raise funds and direct resources towards visitor services, educational, interpretative, and environmental projects which, without assistance would not be accomplished solely through the efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Board of Directors

2020 Officers

  • President            Jay Schwander

  • Vice President    Byron Fortier

  • Secretary            Beth Schwander

  • Treasurer             Sue Wilder

2020 Board Members

  • Michele Hubert

  • Bill Trimble

  • Doug Ramagos

  • John Paul Duet

Committee Chairs

  • Membership Committee: Byron Fortier

  • Sponsorship Committee: Michele Hubert

  • Communications: Sue Wilder

USFWS Liaison 

  • Becky Larkins, Supervisory Refuge Ranger

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the mission of the Southeast Louisiana Wildlife Refuges.


We support our refuges, our local communities and our organization through education, building partnerships and fund raising. The Friends of Louisiana Wildlife Refuges (FLWR) Board of Directors is guided by our by-laws.

Minutes of our Board Meetings, Tax Documentation and Financial Reports are available upon request to: 

Friends of Louisiana Wildlife Refuges

61389 Highway 434

Lacombe, LA 70445


Education and Awareness

Support Refuge Needs

We support our refuge's mission to educate the public about the environment and conservation.


Leadership in community growth

Develop local community partnerships in support of refuges

We contribute to the growth of our local communities by supporting refuge events.


Increase Organization Resources

Work with local community to increase organization resources

We rely on our members, partners, sponsors and donors to increase our funding and opportunities to build our Friends organization.

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