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January Visitor Center volunteers training session was well attended

January 23, 2024

We had a good turnout yesterday for the refuge training session for Visitor Center volunteers. Six volunteers attended the session that was put on by Refuge Ranger Becky Larkins and the Friends of the Louisiana Wildlife Refuges treasurer and board member Sue Wilder.

Some of the attendees were new volunteers, and some were previous volunteers who were there to get a refresher course. A big "Thank You!" goes out to the six for volunteering for this important job.

The training session was organized with short notice because there is an immediate need for more volunteers to act as hosts/docents at the Visitors Center. There will be another training session scheduled soon with more advance notice given.

The refuge staff is seeking more enthusiastic volunteers to join their Visitor Center & Museum Volunteer Team at the US Fish & Wildlife Service's headquarters complex Visitor Center. If you have thought about helping out by being a host, these training sessions will be a great way to find out more and meet the people you may be working with if you decide to volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering as a host/docent at the Visitors Center, please email Becky at:



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